Our productsWe revolutionise the world of railway. Our diagnosis and analysis solution DIANA is the digital maintenance tool for and enables railway operators around the world to monitor, analyse and maintain their assets by applying Industry 4.0.
Holistic view of the railroad ecosystem
DIANA is Deutsche Bahn's diagnostics and analysis solution for railway condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of vehicle and infrastructure assets.
Smart monitoring of infrastructure assetsWith DIANA we revolutionize the way railway assets around the world are monitored and maintained. Our DIANA Infra products monitor and analyze railroad systems from the control and safety technology sector. Over 31,000 operation-critical point machines, 3900 point heating systems, equipment rooms, interlockings, level crossings and others are monitored in DIANA and set in correlation. An in-house developed sensor ensures continuous condition monitoring of infrastructure systems. Automated diagnostic messages via early detection of deviations help to identify efficient maintenance measures, reduce ad-hoc on-site operations and reduce delays.
Rolling Stock DiagnosticsOur DIANA Rolling Stock Diagnostics enables predictive maintenance, increases the availability and service life of your fleet while reducing maintenance costs. DIANA combines condition data, master data and maintenance protocols of individual vehicle components (doors, air conditioning systems, ...) independent of the manufacturer and puts them into an overall context. Continuous monitoring of individual components enables maximum component utilization and optimization of storage capacities.
Digital solutions for construction supervisionOur DIANA Civil Works solutions encompasses digital solutions for the entire lifecycle from design, construction supervision and acceptance to condition monitoring during operation for improved and targeted maintenance of civil structures. With our experienced sensor partners and subject matter experts from DB E&C, we deliver the complete package from a single source - from consulting and installation of high-precision sensor technology to data validation and analysis in our DIANA platform. Our Baudoku 4.0 offers standardized functions in a mobile software solution to track construction projects. Real-time information and dynamic exchange provide faster documentation, information as well as decision making. Automation accelerates reporting and standard processes.
Continuous Infrastructure Monitoring (CIM)With our DIANA Continuous Infrastructure Monitoring we offer a full solution of validated hardware, analytics, positioning algorithms and railway know-how to retrofit your everyday vehicles into state-of-the-art data collection engines. All collated infrastructure data is combined in our DIANA Platform which provides a holistic picture of your infrastructure condition. We can install equipment on the pantograph or axles of in-service rolling stock to help with: Track monitoring, Overhead line monitoring, Turnout and crossing monitoring
Wayside Monitoring and WMS AnalyzerCondition-based maintenance through wayside measuring systems reduce inspection efforts and maximize the life span of vehicle components. By using wayside monitoring equipment such as wheelset diagnostic systems, camera checkpoints or similar, real-time data is collected and stored in DIANA WMS, monitored and the health status of vehicles is analyzed to simplify manual inspections and their deadlines. Our DIANA WMS solutions base on our modular data platform. It integrates various data sources such as trackside vehicle data, maintenance data and master data in one system.
DIANA Platform, Tools and ServicesThe backbone of any asset monitoring is our DIANA Platform. The IoT platform solution enables a holistic view of your railroad ecosystem and supports the paradigm shift from reactive, time-based maintenance to modern, predictive maintenance driven by condition monitoring data. We use only state-of-the-art technologies and smart architecture with standardized IoT interfaces and protocols and install as a cloud or on-premise solution as needed. In addition to our targeted DIANA products, we offer isolated software development and data analytics services.