Predictive Maintenance – Beneficial for vehicle and infrastructure

The networking of equipment data on infraView’s open platform provides the basis for predictive maintenance. The use of intelligent data diagnostics and analyses increases the equipment reliability and quality.

infraView is the main diagnostic platform of the DB Netz AG within the DIANA project.

As part of DB Netz AG’s strategic “proNetz” program…

DIANA grew in tight cooperation with the production division and technical division of DB Netz AG.

DIANA tightly cooperates with providers of infrastructure assets in operation.

DIANA is open to further asset providers, infrastructure operators and cooperations.

DIANA promotes cooperation among providers and operators, empowering innovative development of infrastructure assets.


For DB Netz AG, we have developed the DIANA diagnosis and analysis platform. It is the central maintenance tool for the railway net. 25,000 turnouts are connected to DIANA, the platform receives over 1 million status data points and 600,000 turnout cycles per day.

DIANA continuously measures and analyzes infrastructure conditions. This makes predictive maintenance possible, which reduces delays, as switch malfunctions are one of the main reasons.

DB Netz project – Point heating systems

DB Netz AG’s more than 4500 point heaters stem from various suppliers who offer different applications for remote maintenance and remote diagnosis. In a pilot project, we connected 400 of them to the DIANA diagnostics platform. They are monitored online under a uniform interface. With regular workshops, we train users, collect feedback and further develop the system to series maturity in order to roll it out throughout Germany.

Our platform now processes up to 750 status data points per second – we could therefore connect more than 2.5 times the number of point heating systems used throughout Germany.

Project DB Netz – Insulation monitoring of signal box systems

Signal boxes are the control hub in the track section. From here, points, signals and monitoring equipment are supplied with power via cables. Defects in the miles-long cables are difficult to locate, so repairs are time-consuming.

Using an OPCUA interface, we continuously transfer the insulation values of the signal boxes to DIANA in a pilot project. The intersection of this data with other analysis data allows to detect faults and their location at an early stage. This considerably reduces the time and cost-intensive search by measuring teams.